StarCraft II gets Stargate

Blizzard details the Protoss Stargate - one whole new screenshot included

A new update from Blizzard on its RTS sequel StarCraft II is focusing on the Protoss Stargate.

One screenshot showing the Stargate in-game (which we've uploaded to this page) is accompanied by a animation on the game's official website and the following details:

The warships of the protoss fleet require a much stronger warp link in order to materialize than a standard gateway can provide. The immense stargate is capable of calling ships from high orbit or across immense distances to appear on a planet surface. The construction of one or more stargates at a protoss base is a sure sign that it has become a major staging point for an offensive. This excerpt from the after-action report of Flight Sergeant Aaron Keebler helps underline the rapidity with which the protoss can switch their stance.


Head over to the official website to view the Stargate animated.