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16 new VF5 360 shots - cue comparison 'discussions'

Sega fires out 16 new screens of the 360 version. Check 'em out inside

Look at Virtua Fighter 5 being all shiny and pretty on Xbox 360 hardware as Akira and co. slap silly stuff out of each other.

VF5, the hardcore players' fighting favourite, is brilliant - we know because we've been trashing the PS3 version since it launched back in March (and even before on a cheeky import), before giving it a praising 9.1 in the review.

But we know the fanboys out there will be whipping out the magnifying glass to spot any difference in the two versions. Apart from a little jaggy-softening anti-aliasing in the 360 version, it looks the same to us.

Are you thinking about grabbing a copy? Check out our PS3 review as a rough guide to what to expect then sit tight for the 360 version's arrival, which is penned in for a Summer release.