Alpine Ski Racing 2007

The ski to success

I've never been that partial to skiing, instead preferring the far cooler pastime of snowboarding. But I can still see the appeal of hurtling down a slope at nearly 100mph dressed only in a suit that's tight enough to make your eyes water.

This year, Bode Miller has been joined by Hermann Maier too (the American obviously not proving popular enough this time around). What's more, there's not one second goes past that you're not reminded of it, with the commentators bringing
up his name roughly every millisecond.

There are five different events, with the best being the speed downhill which sees you don a giant orange condom and what looks like a welder's mask before hurtling down the slope. These events are surprisingly fun to play the first time around, and the career mode, with its supporting cast who look like they're comedy placeholders rather than the real thing, is entertaining enough too.


The entire package is wrapped up in a pretty engine, with sparkly crisp snow and towering pine trees to avoid.

After a while though, things all start to get a bit repetitive and tedious, with many of the events blending into one big blur of weaving between flags in the snow. Which, funnily enough, is exactly what everything looks like after a good night of apres ski anyway.

The verdict

Break a leg