Football Superstars - Team Speaks

Monumental Games attacking trident spells it out in audio glory with exclusive shots!

Football Superstars is a the brand new MMO from Nottingham's Monumental Games. But as the name implies you can forget fantasy elves and dwarves, futuristic sci-fi or the utopia of Second Life, this is an MMO based on the reality of modern professional football.

We recently took a tour up to Monumental's Nottingham studio to get a world first sneak peek at the game with our colleagues from Edge who also have an extensive feature Football Superstars running in their current issue.

But we managed to pin down the attacking trident of Monumental's CEO Rik Alexander, Steve Marshall, creative and community director for Cybersports and Malcolm Clark CEO and publisher for Cybersports, plus riding shotgun, friendly PR man Doug Johns.

Steve Marshall, Malcolm Clark and Rik Alexander

Like all great game ideas, it's essentially a fairly simple one and herein the guys discuss how the idea for the game originally came about, how Football Superstars presents a footballing utopia for you to explore and how you'll be able to rise from humble journeyman amateur to Beckham-a-like footballing galactico - and all for free.

We've splashed exclusive screens for you to enjoy which are scattered around this page, but rather than type out a super massive interview, we've decided on this occasion to let you hear the guys speak for themselves, so simply click on this here link to have it streamed directly to your lugholes or right click and 'save target as' to have it downloaded to your machine. Enjoy!