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HDMI for original Xbox 360 will happen

Peripheral company is on the case with its new cable

Peripheral manufacturer, XMC, has made the surprising claim that a new cable that it has in the works will get an average-joe 360 pumping out a HDMI signal.

HDMI is the highest quality of digital video, used by all PS3s and one of the major new features of the new Xbox 360 Elite.

According to Maxconsole: "The cable itself is nearly finished and will be completed in approximately four weeks and promises to allow 1080p output on a regular white original Xbox 360."

It was previously assumed that normal 360s weren't at all capable of HDMI, but if XMC pulls it off, it'll be joyous for owners of the white box, and a kick in teeth for those that handed over major moolah for the upgraded Elite. Soz.

HDMI for NORMAL 360s. YES!

Although we admit to not having super-geeky knowledge of how different video signals are encoded, we would like to throw on point out there: surely, if the 360 is still kicking out an analogue component signal which is being converted to a digital HDMI signal on it's way to the TV by the cable, the resulting picture quality will remain the same as the component original, right? We dunno. Are there any MASSIVE geeks in the building? Share your learnings in the comments section below.