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Sony confirms Eye of Judgement release

Sony's first-party, PlayStation Eye-employing strategy card game gets autumn release

PS3 game Eye of Judgement, which uses Sony's PlayStation Eye camera, is due out this autumn the company has confirmed.

Eye of Judgement's a strategy title in which trading card games and videogames link hands, players aiming to take control of five of nine 'fields' present on a play mat.

How does it work? Sony explains:

First, set up the next-generation PlayStation Eye USB camera in its special stand arched over the play mat - a grid of nine fields - on your tabletop; then draw five cards from the 30-card deck. The aim of the game is to control five fields on the mat - a simple concept; but this is where the magic starts.

Your opponent places a game card down on a field on the mat. On the screen, vibrations and energy waves begin to emanate from the card; before your eyes, the game creature emerges from the flat surface in incredible 3D detail.

It's your turn. You look through your hand for a creature or spell card with the right attributes to defeat that of your opponent's. If you select a creature card - say, a dragon - and place it down on an adjacent square, facing your opponent's creature. On the screen, your dragon emerges in 3D, wings beating, and launches a jet of scorching flame at your opponent's creature. Battle has commenced.

Take turns to place and activate cards on the fields: each card summons a different creature or spell, with an amazing variety of attack and defence characteristics. Choose from creatures including Flame Magus and Bioliths. Many have special abilities that you must consider. Choose from spells that heal, burn, teleport and more.

Your task is to conquer the board by deploying your cards more skilfully than your opponent does, and making the right decisions - sometime sacrificing a creature for strategic gain...

You can play against the AI (i.e. PS3), and offline and online in two-player mode. Out the box you receive a starter pack of 30 character and spell cards, plus four function cards, but you'll be able to purchase addition card packs on launch.

Sony says over 100 cards will be available when Eye of Judgement debuts, with a variety of themed decks available.