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5000 ways to make FIFA better than PES

Plenty of suggestions on how to improve FIFA 08 submitted to unofficial website

FIFPlay is not an official site of EA Sports but that doesn't stop it putting suggestions about FIFA and FIFA Manager to EA's developers. The site has now received over 5000 ideas and suggestions about how to make the next FIFA better than all the rest.

There are a lot of good ideas on there, with most people asking for indoor football and every league and team in the world to be included in the new game.

"For the XBOX 360 you can incorporate some their new camera into your create-a-player feature, sort of like what some of the other sport titles will probably being doing," reads one. Another says EA should, "put in Celtic Park, it is quite vital, along with a real Champions League with patches, music, and openings."

But then there are the pure comedy gold suggestions that you literally could make up. Spelling and grammar unchanged for added affect:

  • Hey, you guys have to rebuild the game completely, because if you have ever played Pro Evolution soccer you won't have fun with FIFA
  • Why dont you not drop fifa altogether? Come fifa 96′, i got sick fed up of the series but still you have pumped out similar games each and every year, milking money outta the fanboys pocket.
  • Publish FIFA08 also for Apple Mac please :)
  • in fifa 08 i want a more effort on the crowd.and copy pes abit
  • Streakers !!!!
  • it would be quite cool if in fifa 08 you could play a match and you were the referee

Eh, play as a ref? What's that all about? Chime in here.