Check your MMO status on your mobile phone

Turbine's Jeffrey Steefel outlines a future where different devices could access a single MMO

Lord of the Rings Online's exec producer Jeffrey Steefel has big ideas about potential future developments in the world of the MMO. He outlined a scenario to CVG recently where users could interact with a single MMO product via numerous devices - including mobile phones.

Using Lord of the Rings as an example, he explained, "I've got this thing called Lord of the Rings that my subscription, depending on how much money I pay, entitles me access to in different ways. Each device, each way of interacting, has a different strength and weakness.

"So I can manage my inventory on a cell phone very easily, I can do crafting on a cell phone. Doing a raid on a console? That's cool. Doing more social things, chatting, maybe that's better on a PC. Think of it that way - I built this game, now I'm going to translate it and put it on this thing, put it on that thing. It's a broader vision, it's harder, more risky, but that's where we headed".

As to whether Turbine is the company that will take us there, Steefel said, "we'll see".

In the second part of an interview published on the site today, he also spoke about the potential of user-created content in MMOs and how it's something he'd like to see a lot more of in the future.

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