Fallout 3: so very, very yellow

The new, radioactive issue of PC Gamer

Bethesda have finally broken their silence over their follow-up to the world-beating RPG Oblivion. And we were the first European mag to go over and have a look at Fallout 3, so it's splashed all over our new issue, which is out on Thursday.

So yeah, we got all the artwork, screenshots, info and details on how this post-apocalyptic, first-person RPG will play. We saw it in action. It is awesome. But far more importantly, we came back with some highly prized swag.

We're not normally big on swag. You can keep your mouldy T-shirts with your ironed-on logos. Hip flasks? We have a whole drawer full of 'em. Zippo lighters with RTS game logos are ten a penny round here. But finally, we got some swag worth lugging back from Washington DC.

(Not pictured: the very cool Vault 101 T-shirt, because I wore it yesterday and now it's in the wash. Ooh, I hope it doesn't run.)

A lunchbox! Mildly battered, as though it's survived a nuclear war. I'm seriously considering using it to carry my sandwiches in to the office every day.

Nuka-Cola! It will never be touched, just like the Baldur's Gate II dwarven ale that's still knocking around somewhere.

A wobbly-headed Vault Boy! Finally, a companion for wobbly-headed Lara Croft.

All of which makes me almost as happy as the fact that our new issue comes out on Thursday, stuffed to bursting with exclusive info on Fallout 3 (and SimCity Societies, but we didn't get any great swag from EA...) That's the yellow monster in the photo.

Hey, can you tell it's Friday?