The Week Ahead - 06/07/07

Feature: Too many repeats...

If there's one prevalent theme this week it's rehashes and conversions. Which doesn't sound too promising but there's definitely a couple of titles that are worth checking out. Take Ninja Gaiden: Sigma on PS3 as an example. At first you'd wonder why Tecmo bothered as you can pick up a second hand Xbox and the original game for about £10. But when you see it running in glorious 1080p it's a joy to behold.

At least it has a new playable character which is more than can be said for Scarface: The World is Yours on Wii, which is essentially the same game with a different control set-up. This is a prevalent trend at the moment with publishers bringing their old PS2 and Xbox titles to Wii in the hope of making a quick buck from a console most of them ignored a year ago.

Over on handheld there's the re-release of lovable PaRappa the Rapper on PSP, or if you're looking for something with greater longevity there's Metal Slug Anthology. Containing seven full Metal Slug games you can't really go wrong, unless you hate scrolling shooters of course. You probably realise we're being as positive as we can about a bad week but just wait until next week, it looks even worse.

The complete list of games released in the UK this week (06/07/07):

  • An American Tale, PSP, Blast
  • Gangs of London Platinum, PSP, Sony
  • International Cricket Captain 3, PC/PSP/PS2, Empire
  • King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2, PS2, Atari
  • Metal Slug Anthology, PS2/PSP, Atari
  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma, PS3, Eidos
  • PaRappa the Rapper, PSP, Sony
  • Scarface: The World is Yours, Wii, Vivendi
  • Thunderbirds, PS2, Blast
  • Touchmaster, DS, Midway
  • World Championship Poker All In, 360, Oxygen

Ninja Gaiden: Sigma (PS3)

There may not be a whole lot of new content here but when one of the most badass games of its generation gets a make-over you have to sit up. Tecmo boasts that this is the only game using advanced self-shading and graphical techniques in 1080p and can still run at a rock solid 60 FPS. Whatever the case it's looking absolutely stunning and is the kind of game that could tempt you to buy a PS3, if you haven't done so already.

Be warned though: the masochistic difficulty is still pretty much in tact although the ability to quick select items from the d-pad is welcome. You also get to play the game through with new leather-clad heroine Rachel, and many extra moves have been added. At last, something to celebrate on PS3. Look out for the review early next week on the site.


PaRappa the Rapper (PSP)

It's now ten years since PaRappa the Rapper infiltrated the hearts of gamers the world over with its musical charm and naive simplicity. To celebrate the anniversary Sony has re-released the game on PSP but with a host of additional features. The first is a Head to Head rap mode allowing up to four PSP users to duke it out to become the rhythm king. You'll also be able to game share a rapping demo level with friends and using PSPs Infrastructure mode plus players will now be able to download eight remixes to play direct from Sony's own website.

But there's a big but. While PaRappa's been given a graphical touch-up and a new 16:9 screen format, the extras don't really increase the game's play time by a hell of a lot. In fact, you'll probably be done with it in a couple of hours. Charming but short; you can check out the review here.

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