MoH: Airborne 'go anywhere' trailer

Latest trailer focuses on the 'go anywhere' aspect of the WWII shooter

Anyone who has been following Medal of Honor: Airborne will be well aware that a major gameplay feature in the WWII FPS sequel is 'go anywhere', i.e. the ability to parachute into any part of a level and begin the fight against the Nazi war machine from there.

A new trailer released focuses on that feature, using the D-Day attack on Utah beach as an example of the game's open battlefields that allow players to choose where to initiate their assault from.

A heavily defended German beach fortification threatens the landings and Allied ships just off the coast of Normandy, and it's your job to neutralise it - but from what direction to launch your attack?

You'll be able to make that decision, right or wrong, when Medal of Honor: Airborne arrives next month.