First in-game screens from Condemned 2

The dark, the gritty and the gruesome in three shots from the serial killer sequel

Clap eyes on three in-game shots from Condemned 2: Bloodshot currently putting the frighteners on the internet.

In the sequel, in development for PS3 and Xbox 360, you jump back into the shoes of Ethan Thomas, former Serial Crimes Unit investigator who's been called back to duty to track down his missing partner and to investigate more serial killer nastiness.

Firearms, blunt instruments and an all-new fighting system complete with defensive and offensive combo chains should provide meaty action, and on the cerebral side there's a new set of forensic tools to help solve the mystery of Bloodshot.

Plus, online multiplayer modes - including Deathmatch - are being squeezed in.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot is expected early 2008.