Killzone 2...

...the neverending saga

Except, of course, it will have an end. Just not yet. Anyway, more rumours are emanating about Killzone 2, these from someone supposedly the 'best friend of someone who works at Sony'. As unreliable as that sounds, we thought you'd be interested, so this is what's been claimed - just take it with a pinch of salt...

"1. He's seen a gameplay video. Graphically he said it was better than the E3 trailer.
2. NPC's react realistically to where they are shot. The example he said is that a Helghast was hit in the hand and it shook its hand as if in pain, and also if shot in the leg blood seeps out of the exact area shot."
3. For multiplayer each server is like a world, with villages and towns, and you're battling for control. If Helghast-controlled it looks run-down, if ISA-controlled it looks nice, with residents living there."

So, then... if true, all of this sounds brilliant, deffo. But can it really look better than that (in)famous E3 trailer? We doubt it, to be honest. And NPCs reacting to where they've been shot isn't that new an idea. We're most intrigued by that last statement, which could add an extra element to online gameplay.

So what are you all hoping to from Killzone 2? What gameplay elements would you include? How would you improve on the first one? How, basically, can Sony make this the shooter to blow all others out of the water? Tell us.

We've been playing the original Killzone recently as a refresher, and we're not as keen as it as we once were - especially on its really slow gun reloading. But that was then, and this is now. And, in one week Killzone 2 will be at E3, and hopefully we can bring you some solid facts then.