Zelda DS gets US date - UK kept in the dark

October 1 is the big day for Americans, but we're still waiting for Nintendo UK to set a date

The biggest DS game bar none, Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, has been out in Japan for two weeks and is now confirmed for a US release on October 1, but Nintendo is remaining quiet on a UK release date.

What does this mean? Nothing just yet. Nintendo of Europe tends to operate later than the US arm of the company, but in the back of our minds it does have us worried that the inclusion of European languages in the UK version could see it fall months behind the US launch.

However, Nintendo promises it'll be out here before Christmas so we won't have too long to wait.

Those lucky American's will also be able to get a special-edition DS stylus, shaped like an old quill pen - a tribute to an item in the game - by registering their DS and copy of the game at

Nintendo UK usually unleash release dates in quarter-year groups, so we'll be looking out for Zelda on its Q4 list expected to arrive next month.

Meanwhile, we've been trashing through the Japanese version to bring you a full review of the stunning DS quest. Check back tomorrow for that.