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Soul Calibur Legends Interview

Interview: Director pops in for an exclusive chat

Somewhere near the top of our list of most wanted games for Wii that we're most curious about is Soul Calibur Legends, Namco's recently announced adventure follow-up to the first three games in the weapon-based fighting series. Still not knowing much about Legends as Namco has been pretty quiet on the game, we managed to track down director Jin Okubo for the scoop.

So tell us more about the new adventure in Legends - we assume that combat will play a prominent part, so should we expect a game similar to Devil May Cry?


Jin Okubo: Players can look forward to becoming virtual fencers in Soul Calibur Legends and they'll go into this adventure equipped with swords, which they can use as they like while progressing through a complex story. But of course, because this is a Soul Calibur game, the action element is very strong. When you play it and see for yourself, I think you'll find that Soul Calibur Legends differs considerably from other games.

Why have you chosen to take such a successful fighting franchise in a completely different direction?

Okubo: Many people have already experienced the sword play and action of Soul Calibur, but we really wanted to expand its potential - and that's why we decided to go in a new direction. We'd like to make Legends appeal even to people who have never played a game in the Soul Calibur series.

Can you give us a few examples of how the game will make use of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk's motion sensing abilities.

Okubo: By swinging the Wii Remote as players please, in-game characters will perform the exact sword actions that players are thinking of. The Nunchuk is mainly used for body movement, but by shaking the Nunchuk it's also possible to block incoming attacks, evade dangerous situations, and perform other unique moves. And there are various moves that can only be pulled off by combining Nunchuk and Wii Remote actions.

Interesting. So how similar will combat in Legends be to that of previous fighting games in the series?

Okubo: All of the moves you've enjoyed in past Soul Calibur games will reappear in Soul Calibur Legends. But of course we're tuning those moves to match their flavour with the sense of fun we get from the Wii.

Early information said the adventure will follow "Siegfried and Soul Calibur characters, new and old". Does that mean you'll play only as Siegfried, or are you given control of these other characters too?


Okubo: Yes, you can play with characters other than Siegfried. You can select two characters before you begin and then change tactically from one to the other, according to the situation you find yourself in. Thinking about which of your two characters is best suited to a certain situation is an interesting aspect, I think.

Ivy is also making a return - as revealed by the artwork released. Which of the other known characters will be appearing in Legends?

Okubo: We'll be making further announcements about characters as time goes on. Sorry.

No problem. Will the game feature Link or any other special cameo appearances as in Soul Calibur II?

Okubo: I'm afraid can't say anything about this at the moment, but we'd like to try some interesting experiments in this regard...

"Multiple modes of play" have been promised in the game - what modes other than the main adventure will be available?

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