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Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice

Interview: Lead designer talks shop

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Speaking of the PSone-to-PS2 transition, reports often cite the PS2 outselling the PS3 as a testament to poor PS3 performance. Would you say that's fair?

Whiteside: I'm no expert on this but it's the same in many cases. If you look at the car industry, say, at the VW Golf - first you see way more mark-four Golfs than you do Mark-fives but as time goes on, you see more Mark-fives and then the Mark-six comes out. That's just the way that it works.

You always get a certain number of early adopters and I think the PS3 is doing really well with that. But to the same extent, you also have to remember, looking at families, if a dad gets a PS3, where does the old PS2 go? To the kids.

The PlayStation family as a whole is comfortable with the fact that they have three really good consoles. And I think that, in terms of lifestyle, they're all equally positioned in different areas of the market.

The PS3 is in its infancy and will continue to grow, but I think it will be a long time before the PS2 gets phased out. And that's fine because it's a consumer market and if consumers want to continue purchasing PS2 games that's great for us because it has such a big install base.

So you can see the PS2 lasting some time into the PS3 era?

Whiteside: I would have thought so, yes. I don't think that will detract from the PS3 because I think people will be comfortable having their PS2 and PS3 - like I said, each one serves a separate function. I'm no analyst, but I would say there's plenty of life left in the old dog.

Thanks for your time, Chris.

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