Call of Duty 4 launches DS offensive

Activision takes the fight to Nintendo's handheld

Santa-Monica-based developer n-Space is working on Call of Duty 4 for DS, and initial details reveal what could be an FPS experience to rival Metroid Prime: Hunters.

The plot of the DS game will run parallel with the console versions - set in the present time - although you will take control of different characters. "An ultranationalist military leader in Russia is raging a civil war while at the same time funding a coup in the Middle East," game producer Sam Nouriani told IGN.

He added, "You play as British SAS and US Marines in a variety of missions including the gunner in an AC130 gunship, crew member of a Blackhawk, machine gunner in a Humvee and of course as infantry in array of locations from the Middle East to Russia to the open waters in a cargo ship."

The controls will, predictably, follow Metroid's lead - the action unfolds on the top screen while the lower screen doubles up as both the 'mouse mat' of sorts, allowing you to control the view with the stylus, and as a radar and compass that shows the location of friends, foes and objective markers.

Despite the obvious technical restrictions, Nouriani promises that the DS game will contain all the chaos you expect from a CoD title. "Tons of stuff happening on the screen from huge firefights, mortars screaming down on you, tanks busting through walls, helicopters getting shot down, lighting strikes in the open water while you are taking out enemies on a rocking cargo ship," he enthused.

Gameplay will be varied too, packing road chases in a Humvee and flying sections in a Blackhawk helicopter. It will also include "mini-games such as diffusing and placing charges using the stylus to break up the action and add even more variety of gameplay".

The game will also contain a four-player multiplayer mode, with single-cart play allowing four players to face off in smaller maps, while larger more detailed maps are reserved for multi-cart play.

CoD 4 is due to hit DS this autumn.