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Virtua Fighter 5 online on 360, cue fanboy riots

VF5 gets online versus on 360, but Sega has "no comment" on PS3 update

Get this, VF fans: the Xbox 360 Virtua Fighter 5 will include online versus play.

Confirmed by Sega this afternoon, this will come as a huge surprise to VF fans, who've decreed that the game's split-second timing would make unsuitable for the lag-ridden world of online gaming.

And this will come as an equal disappointment to owners of the PS3 version, which lacks online gameplay completely. We asked Sega if the PS3 version may receive and online-enabling update, to which it replied "no comment". Fingers crossed though, eh?

The quest mode is also enhanced, with more CPU rivals to battle, and an enhance Dojo mode gives players even more options as they train their skills.

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