Euro price-related PS3 announcement on Thursday

Sony to make price-related announcement on Thursday, SCEE tells CVG

Sony has confirmed to CVG that it will be making a PS3 pricing-related announcement this Thursday, but wouldn't divulge specific details.

This comes after Sony today slashed the price of PS3 in US by $100 to $499, as well as confirming that the 80GB console is to go on sale there in August.

But will Sony's European announcement specifically regard a price cut for PS3 over here? Sources have told CVG that it will involve added value - implying some kind of bundle deal - and not relate to a launch of the 80Gb PS3 over here.

The 80GB console in US will be bundled with Motorstorm, so maybe in Europe and the UK we'll see the racing game bundled with the 60Gb model available over here. We'll just have to wait till Thursday for find out for definite.