13 shots from CoD 4 on DS

First look at n-Space's handheld version of the first-person shooter

Confirmation that a DS version of Call of Duty 4 is in the pipeline hit last week; and here's what that game looks like, 13 screenshots showing it off.

The game shares the same modern-day setting and storyline with its 'bigger'-version brothers and producer Sam Nouriani has previously explained "You play as British SAS and US Marines in a variety of missions including the gunner in an AC130 gunship, crew member of a Blackhawk, machine gunner in a Humvee and of course as infantry in array of locations from the Middle East to Russia to the open waters in a cargo ship."

Combat plays out in the top screen on the DS, while the bottom screen acts as your 'mouse mat' for controlling view and as a radar and compass pointing the way to objectives.

Nouriani has promised that the DS version will retain the series intense action.