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EA shows off NFS: Pro Street tech in videos

New developer videos for the new sim-orientated NFS shows off the physics and cars in the game

EA seems to be going all-out to make Need for Speed: Pro Street as realistic as it can possibly be, as is explained in one of the two new videos we have for you right here.

In the developer video, the game's lead physics guy, Jacquez Kerner, talks about "redefining vehicle physics" using a bunch of advanced technology hooked up to Porsche cars as they burn around a race course.

This data is fed through to the game to make for some pretty convincing physics... we expect.

The other clip is an in-game showcase of the Nissan GT-R Proto, which looks mighty sexy, may we add. It's short but worth a look. Forza and Gran Turismo will be shaking in their ultra-realistic boots.

We've also got a bunch of new screens for you to drool over.