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E3: Wii Zapper in action with Umbrella Chronicles

First high-res image of the new Wii Zapper, and a trailer showing how awesome it is for Umbrella Chronicles

This is the new, redesigned Wii Zapper from Nintendo, for use with future Wii shooters.

Nintendo says the Zapper will be released later this year for $19.99 (probably £15 over here, although that's a guess) bundled with a first-party title that will demonstrate its potential in the same way Wii Play shows off the Wii Remote's talents. So expect it to be a simple package of mini games.

Nintendo also said that a number of games were being designed specifically for the Wii Zapper, including Sega's Ghost Squad, Medal of Honor: Airborne and most significantly Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.

And here's a video demonstrating how the Zapper handles with the zombie blaster, as well as an image to gawp at below.