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E3: FIFA 08 crammed with Wii exclusives, screens

'FreeMotion' controls, 'Footii Party' mode, and Mii integration all for Wii

This is what we like to see - a multi-format game actually making an effort to be a proper Wii game, not a cut-down port with Wii Waggle. Kudos to EA.

FIFA 08 on will have plenty of extra Wii-flavoured goodies. FreeMotion is what EA is calling the new control system that lets you "use motions to control everything from tackling to shooting and throw-ins to freekicks."

There's a 'Footii Party' mode too, but wait... this isn't your usual range of crap mini-games. It'll boast three cool games - a mint-looking Table Soccer game, Juggling (or kick-ups where we're from), and a game called Boot It, a cartoony penalty-taking game that uses your Mii.


Playing as your Mii, you use Remote gestures to shoot and save the ball, and can take on a special Ronaldinho Mii - crazy teeth removed.

Of course, there's a serious game in there, as EA stresses. There are over 570 teams and 14,000 players, and the online Interactive Leagues are coming to Wii too, allowing you to play matches over the internet and build up points on huge online leagues.

FIFA 08 is coming home to Wii later this year. No specific date has been announced.