E3: Take-Two shows new GTA IV demo

Take-Two gives first open demo of Rockstar's legendary sequel - details inside

As we draw ever closer to the all-important October release date, more and more GTA IV tidbits are starting to leak from Rockstar's iron fortress.

At Take-Two's media conference this afternoon, the publisher gave the first open demo of the sequel... although as expected not much was revealed.

The demo started of with Niko standing around in Star Juntion, GTA's own Time Square. Take-Two promised the watching crowd that the fourth instalment wasn't "just a sequel to San Andreas", going as far as promising that the leap between the two would be as a big as when the series went from 2D to 3D.

A few graphical glitches could be spotted but the game was otherwise looking gorgeous. Jogging further down the street, Niko hopped in a car and drove down a sun-lit street, with light bursting though buildings and over the horizon.

Arriving at the Waterfront the demo ended as Niko pulled out his phone and made a phonecall, and we're all left waiting for the next GTA tease.

You can watch the second GTA IV trailer right here.