E3: Assassin's demo rushed because of Bungie

The Assassin's Creed conference demo was rushed because Bungie couldn't get a single-player Halo 3 demo ready in time, CVG hears

CVG has heard that there was a very good reason the live demo of Assassin's Creed didn't go exactly to plan at Microsoft E3 press conference.

Following the demo of Ubisoft's new IP at the Microsoft conference last Tuesday many people came away under-whelmed. Looking back at the CVG blog of the conference we said, "Dead bodies are floating in the air, this looks a bit buggy and the demo's not going to plan. Jade laughs it off though so we'll forgive her." And to be fair we did.

Apparently the reason Jade Raymond and her accomplice had a few issues with the live playable demo (that was a bit buggy in places) was that the Montreal development studio had to rush to get something ready for the show as the request of Microsoft. This apparently happened because Bungie couldn't get a playable demo of Halo 3's single-player campaign ready to show in time.

We thought it was strange that there wasn't a live demo of the single-player portion from Bungie, especially as two members of the team were demoing the title behind closed hotel room doors.

Bungie instead showed a montage of footage from both single and multiplayer parts of the game. Take a look at that here.

The Halo 3 single player demo we witnessed in a hotel was cut short because the person in charge of the pad kept dying and couldn't finished the section in time. Even that seemed to be a little bit rushed.

All fingers are pointing to Microsoft putting the pressure on to get a live playable demo of the platform's biggest games up and running for the conference.

As far as all those rumours that say Assassin's Creed won't actually be that good, forget them. We played it and loved it. Look out for first-hand impressions soon.