E3: Folklore's luring trailer and screens

Another sneak peak a Game Republic's gorgeous fantasy adventure

Yoshiki Okamoto has created one of the PS3's most intriguing fantasy adventures in Folklore, and this latest trailer gives you look at what's in store.

Okamoto is best known for his previous masterpieces Onimusha, Devil May Cry and of course Resident Evil, and his talents show in Folklore - the dark characters look like something out of a children's program, but have an air of mystery about them that's slightly sinister.

The plot? "Set in the mysterious town of Doolin, two strangers, Keats and Ellen, are drawn together to uncover a mysterious legend in a remote village that exists on the border between dreams and reality. They soon learn that the town serves as a gateway to fantastic realms, full of creatures, spirits and monsters. In order to solve the mystery of the town, and their past, the pair must journey through these worlds to uncover its secrets."

Check out the charm of the game for yourself in the trailer to the right.