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E3: Mercenaries 2 blows up the place

Pandemic's badass blaster turns up for some more explosion-filled screenshots

Despite still looking bloody good, Pandemic's Mercenaries 2 has managed to sneak under the radar for the majority of E3. So here's some screenshots that, in a double-whammy strike, give a refresh on how the blaster's shaping up, and rack up our news count as well. Nice.

Back at GDC we managed to see the game over the shoulder of one of the spiky-haired devs, and it was indeed in good form. The demo we saw sported plenty of QTE-style enemy fights and a tank section which had the game's hero demolishing an entire village in a barrage of explosions. Just what you'd expect then, really.

It's out at the end of the year on 360, PC and PS3.