Gears of War online locked to Windows - Live

Wanna play Gears PC online? Then you'll have to sign up for Games for Windows - Live

Anyone who wants to enjoy the carnage of Gears of War online on PC - and let's face it, who won't want some of that? - will HAVE to sign up to Games for Windows - Live.

Microsoft has told CVG that the game will only be playable online through the PC's version of the Xbox online service.

Although it's free to sign up to Games for Windows - Live, it's news that's sure to rankle PC gamers used to freedom and choice when it comes to online gaming.

Microsoft slipped out during E3 that Games for Windows - Live is to be made available for Windows XP, although there's not concrete date on when this is to happen - but it'll be before Gears of War releases in November.

Epic's PC version of its show-stopper shooter will feature 19 multiplayer maps on release and two-player co-op and eight-player competitive game modes.