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WiiConnect24 breaking Wii consoles

Could this be the Wii version of the Three Red Lights of Death?

WiiConnect24, a system built into Wii to keep the console constantly connected to the internet when on standby, is reported to be causing consoles to develop faults.

A number of disgruntled gamers are hitting internet forums saying their consoles have broken after being left on standby with WiiConnect24 enabled for long periods of time.

Although Nintendo says the console only consumes a tiny amount of power when in WiiConnect24 mode, supposedly comparable to a small light bulb, the console gets very hot - far hotter than when the console is on and being played - because the internal fans are deactivated in WC24 mode.

It is suggested that this heat is cooking the main CPU, causing it to become faulty.

Nintendo has told CVG: "we've had no reports in the UK of anything like this happening," and advises users to contact the Nintendo Service Centre for further advice on 0870 60 60247 should a fault occur.

In the meantime, if you're worried about your Wii burning up, just deactivate WC24 - it's proved to be a non-essestial feature so far anyway.