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Square Enix pushes for more FFXI players

Final Fantasy XI Starter Pack offers cheap introduction to the MMORPG

Five quid, as of July 20, will start you an affair with Square Enix's Final Fantasy XI MMO on PC, but how long that affair will last depends on how alluring you find adventuring in Vana'Diel.

Final Fantasy XI Starter Pack - which is actually £4.99 - can be picked up in PAL land from tomorrow and includes the original FFXI game client along with one month's free play and the PlayOnline Viewer and Tetra Master online card game (whatever they are).

Square Enix is confident that the Starter Pack, along with recent gameplay changes and the forthcoming Wings of the Goddess expansion pack for the MMO, "will encourage even more to try what is an exciting and prolific online experience".

Are you tempted to dip a toe for a fiver? Let us know in the comments field below.