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First Mario & Sonic trailer

See the first footage of the two mascots battling it out at the Olympics

Sega released the first screenshots of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games at E3 last week, and now you can see the game in motion in the first trailer.

You'll have to forget the videogame logic of the two characters for this one though, because the skills of the two mascots have been levelled out to put everyone on an even playing field.

"Coming under the Olympic banner, I think the Olympics acts as a neutral ground for the two characters," president and chief operating officer of Sega Europe, Mike Hayes, told CVG back in March.

So you'll be seeing Mario and Sonic in competitive races, even though you know deep down that Sonic should finish the race before Mario even starts.

Looks like good fun though, especially in multiplayer, and it'll be out in time for Christmas, too. Look out for our detailed impressions of the demo we saw at E3 soon.