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Bully coming to Xbox 360, Wii

Scholarship Edition to sport additional content over PS2 original

It's been a busy week for Rockstar; the company has just announced that it's unnecessarily controversial schoolboy adventure Canis Canem Edit (aka Bully) is headed to Xbox 360 and Wii.

Scholarship Edition, is it's being called, will feature new content over last year's PS2 release and presumably upgraded visuals as well.

In case you missed the original, it has you playing as naughty schoolboy Billy Hopkins, who is thrust into run down boarding school Bullworth Academy and left to tackle the bullies, jocks and nerds to become the most popular kid in school.

It's good news all round really, because the original is one of the most enjoyable games to exit Rockstar's walls in a long time. The current generation of gamers can now try it out on their console of choice, and fans of the original (like us) can play it again and unlock some achievements.

Hopefully the port will also get around to sorting out the slowdown issues of the PS2 version.

According to Rockstar Scholarship Edition will be out this winter. Read our review of the original right here.