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CVG's Highs and Lows of E3

Feature: Part 2 - the not. And CVG's game of the show!

We brought you our highs of this year's E3 show a few days ago (catch up here) and we're back with the lows.

They're the things we wish they'd change if there's to be another one next year. If we were getting really into it, we suggest having a vegetable stall by each hotel so we can top up on our greens, like mum tells us to.

A diet of fat steaks, cheesy burgers, salty fries and light beers plays havoc on the bum after a week. On a nicer note though, you'll also find our Game Of E3 at the end of the list. It's all the way down there for extra suspense...

E3: The Lows


Too much walking about

E3 may have been downsized this year but it still stretched an area the size of a small city (Santa Monica), and that's far bigger than any convention centre. Platform holders and publishers hosted game demos in several hotels around Santa Monica. Getting from one to the other wasn't a massive issue but it was a bit on the time consuming side. The organisers are already thinking about where to hold next year's event and whether or not it should be in one large setting, which would be nice on our poor feet.


No mention of Microsoft's 2008 plans

Is Xbox 360 dead after this Christmas? No? Then why didn't Peter Moore give us any indication of what to expect after this Christmas? Okay, so the conference was being beamed out live to a huge audience that would have included mainstream and casual onlookers. And they won't be interested in games that are two years away. We see what you did there Mr. Moore. But they would have turned off half-way through anyway. You could have had a section towards the end about the evolution of the platform and shown us a bit of Banjo at least!


A no show for DS

Yes, Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is incredible, and titles like Geometry Wars Galaxies and Sonic Rush Adventure are huge for the platform, but Nintendo pretty much ignored the handheld that's taking the world by storm at E3. Considering how well the handheld is going, you would have thought Nintendo might have a few new tricks up its sleeve for DS, especially in the face of a new PSP being unveiled at the show. Instead the firm locked the spotlight entirely on Wii.


The Barker Hanger

Nope, nothing to see here.... (Pic credit: Ve3D)


No Smash Bros. Brawl for Europe this year

This was possibly one of the most disappointing headlines to come out of E3 for Nintendo fans this side of the pond. And to think, it was originally slated to be a Wii launch game. Oh well, it looks like you'll be making do with the daily updates on the official site for a good few months yet, while our American friends tuck in from December 3.


No booth babes

Last year's E3 saw the great booth babe institution get banned from the show. But that still didn't stop a few publishers managing to sneak a pair of large, tanned knockers onto their stands somehow. Not this year though. Not a single 'booth babe' could be seen in any of the posh hotels. Future 'babes of E3' features will now have to focus on the PR hotties and hotel receptionists. There's almost no point in taking a camera anymore... (Pic credit: E3 Girls)

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