UK misses out on two-tone DS?

First image of a red and black DS released - "no plans" for a UK release

A new Brain Age 2 bundle set for the US will come packed with a brand-new mixed-colour DS to coax you into the deal.

The new red and black DS comes with a sweet carry case and a black stylus and is the first DS to feature a two-tone body. That lovely red and black style also reminds us of our favourite Wine Gums.

No doubt Nintendo will have sent soldiers to cut off the fingers of the retailer site that let this one slip.

No price or release details were revealed for the US bundle, and Nintendo UK has this morning told CVG that it currently has "no plans" to bring the slick new DS to UK. You'll just have to glare at the image to the right with burning envy. We'll let you know if Nintendo makes any announcements. In the meantime go and buy some Wine Gums.