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Namco director keen on Soul Calibur for DS

"I'd definitely like to try a DS version personally" says SC: Legends director, Jin Okubo

The beat-'em-up scene is one that's surprisingly lacking on DS at the moment - but while we still eagerly await Capcom to make Street Fighter DS, recent comments from Namco Bandai honcho Jin Okubo gives us hope of Soul Calibur coming to the handheld.

When asked if recent rumours about the original Soul Calibur game (also known as Soul Blade) being remade for DS, Okubo said, "I'd definitely like to try a DS version personally, if the rumour has it right."

"But I suppose anything is possible until a fact is confirmed in this world!", he went on to say.

He also gave out a few new nuggets of info on the Wii-exclusive Soul Calibur Legends. "Players get the option of choosing two characters in the game depending on the situation and the stage they are playing. Some stages may be difficult to complete with certain characters so simply switch them when the going gets tough."

He's confident that the new controls will enhance the Soul Calibur formula... But will Link appear in the game, as he did in Soul Calibur 2? "Nothing can be confirmed at this stage but we definitely feel the importance of such collaborations," he told Cubed3.