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Bad Mojo

Pure, unadulterated, relentless filth

Why would anyone want to reissue a 1996 FMV-based adventure-game in the current climate, when the last time either FMVs or, indeed, adventures really held any cachet with gamers was, well, 1996?

Twenty-second game summary: you play a grubby loser turned into a cockroach by your dead mother for some reason, having to find your way back so you can redeem your morally lax outlook on life and reunite with your father.

You do this by scrabbling around your low-rent apartment and surrounding locales, nudging detritus to solve puzzles and sitting through the occasional video clip.

OK, an original premise, but like Bernard Manning, it's not ageing well. No effort has been made to revamp anything for a modern audience, you're stuck with a minuscule 640x480 resolution, the few extras included in the 2004 reissue have gone missing and you can skip the whole thing and just watch the movie clips directly by opening the files on the CD anyway.

Then there's the truly repellent content. You basically spend the game living the cockroach life from a top-down view, going from one rancid screen of filth and gut-churning decay to the next.

After a while it feels so relentlessly grimy that you just want to shower for a fortnight. Especially when the realisation hits that you've essentially paid someone a tenner to experience the 'fun' of crawling around shit-filled garbage and rotting carcasses. That's no kind of life.

The verdict

A 'bugged' joke, perhaps?

Pulse Entertainment