Fatal Inertia gets furious

New shots of Koei's Toronto-based development studio's debut game

A batch of new shots has been released for futuristic racer, Fatal Inertia, on Xbox 360.

Lead designer Michael Bond says of the game, "By designing Fatal Inertia's gameplay around a physics engine it not only allowed us to create a truly different driving model, but it also helped us create a set of dynamic weapons with multiple tactical applications. We've based many of the game's weapons on straightforward physical principles, and by doing so we're giving players the freedom to come up with their own creative ways of using them- ways that even we are still discovering."

Fatal Inertia is the first title to be served up from Koei's Toronto-based development studio cleverly named Koei Canada. The team is led by producer Takazumi Tomoike, famed for the Dynasty Warriors series, so expect to hammer that A button a lot.