21 horrific Resident Evil 5 screens

Nit-pick through these awesome high-res screens

Watching fast-moving footage of Resident Evil 5 in a small window on your PC monitor doesn't give you the chance to really appreciate how great it looks, so we've got some nice, high-res screens you'll know good it looks, and these high-res screens you can gawp at 'til your heart's content.

You'll recognise some of these scenes from the E3 trailer, set in a dusty village with some pretty brutal residents.

Just as Resi 4 set new standards for graphical detail in the past generation on GameCube, Resi 5 looks to do the same again, with awesome lighting and environmental detail.

It's a way off though, not expected until maybe 2009. The good news, however, is that there's an extended trailer to look forward to before the end of the month!