Unreal Tournament III

Interview: Epic steps out of character

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How many characters will be in the game on launch?

Wells: 18. Between 18 and 20 actually. Six teams, some are three members and some are four. By the time we're all done we may actually have 24.

So which series characters are returning for Unreal Tournament III?

Wells: Malcolm will be returning, among others. And Lauren will also be back as well, although this will be a predecessor in that she won't be on the Necris side but on the Iron Guard side.

Have you ever considered giving the characters unique abilities to make them more individual?

Wells: Well that's really a game design aspect, so we can suggest ideas but that's ultimately up to them. But we have considered it.

Which videogame character do you most wish you could have created?

Wells: I've always been a fan of the Final Fantasy series, so I would love to have been responsible for creating the latest version of Bahamut, the king of the dragons. That would be my favourite.


Would you like to get Bahamut in Unreal Tournament if you got the chance?

Wells: I think that would be cool. A way where he doesn't hold the weapons, but shoots the weapons out of his mouth like a true dragon (laughs). Why not.

Can we expect to see new characters released for download once the game's out?

Wells: I have no specific information, but we have a good tradition with the Unreal Tournament series of offering downloads to the community - new maps, characters and what have you. It wouldn't surprise me if you saw that in the future.

Many thanks for your time, Chris.

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