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New trailer shows next City of Heroes update

Cryptic Studios shows more of Issue 10: Invasion in a new three-minute trailer trailer

Cryptic Studios is powering up the next update for its superhero/super-villain MMORPG City of Heroes/Villains, and is showcasing forthcoming attractions in a three minute trailer. You can view it in our video player.

In Issue 10: Invasion, as the update's named, the developer's explained it decided to advance the game's overall storyline and focus on alien threat to Paragon City and the Rogue Isles.

"Like any ongoing game we have many unresolved plot threads and each is a great opportunity for introducing new game content. Our first thought for Issue 10 was to bring back the 5th Column, a villain group that disappeared when the Council was introduced in Issue 3. But in the end we decided to focus on one of the greatest threats to Paragon City and the Rogue Isles, the aliens known as the Rikti", Cryptic's Matt Miller said in a developer diary

"We had revealed a lot about the Rikti in the past, but there was always the looming spectre of a second Rikti War. There were already plenty of missions that involve shutting down attempts by stranded Rikti to contact their homeworld. For current players, Rikti are a familiar enemy and remain a giant pain in the butt."

Hit the link above to read the full dev diary.