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Ford Racing goes off-road - possibly with damage

Take Escorts and Fiestas off-road for the drive of your life

Empire has released the first info and shots on the new Ford racer currently going under the working title of 'Ford Off Road'.

Until now all previous Ford Racing games haven't allowed you to damage the cars. You could drive a Focus at top speed into a wall and it would shrug off the impact like it never happened. Now that's not very realistic in our eyes, no matter what Ford says its safety record may look like.

We've all seen a burnout XR3i back in the day and we've waited for a game that'll let us smash up Cosworth's for fun, without our insurance premiums going through the sunroof. This could be the revolution Ford racing games have needed. We should also point out that Ford racing games usually come in under budget compared to a full price title.


There's multiplayer action planned for PS2 in the form of two player split screen. But the PSP takes the crown by offering six-player carnage over the Wi-Fi. Game modes will include Standard Race, Elimination, Time Trial, Overtake, Slalom, Checkpoint, Moving Checkpoint, Seconds Out, Show Me The Money, One Model Race, Low Damage Race and Expedition across forest, desert and mountain-based environments.

Check out the first screens on this very page.