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New GTA IV screens

Gawp at new screens and get the scoop in our huge preview with a new version of the game

CVG was among the first to see an entire mission played through in GTA IV, but we've also got brand new screens of the game in action to show off.

This is our second look at the game and we were promised a lot more action than what we saw (or didn't) in the first demo. This isn't the first mission in the game, rather the first mission Rockstar has shown anyone.

In the mission we saw a local police officer by the name of Francis McCrery who has some dirt on Niko. He's asking for a few favours to be given in his direction in order to keep him quiet. The first of these favours is to take out a lawyer who's causing him trouble but the task is going to take Niko the whole day to complete.

Check out the full preview and new screens right here, right now to find out more.