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Forever Blue a Wii sleeper hit?

Is the game no-one talks about one of the Wii's best?

Nintendo barely even mentions Forever Blue, a deep-sea diving simulator for Wii, which would have you believe it's a right stinker. But it could be one of the Wii's best games of the year.

The diving sim has scored a surprising 35/40 in the Japanese magazine Famitsu, its four editors giving the game (out of 10) 10, 8, 9 and 8. Famitsu cited the open-ended exploration, freedom of choice and sheer scale of the sea as it's defining features, and a perfectly suited soundtrack that helps to suck you into the hugely absorbing quest.

It's doubtful that it'll ever sell big numbers, but could we have a real underground gem on our hands? We'll let you know when we get copies in.