Co-op Condemned online

Senior producer talks Condemned: Bloodshot's online multiplayer modes

While Condemned: Bloodshot is certain to rock a few classification boats upon release later this year on PS3 and 360, the game's also looking to push online multiplayer to its limits too.

Speaking to CVG senior Sega producer Constantine Hantzopoulos told us, "We're trying to bring that Condemned feeling of visceral, in your face hand-to-hand combat into the multiplayer space. There's gunplay if you want it but that's not what Condemned is really about. Condemned multiplayer is going to be very unique."

Hantzopoulos said that while most other games just give you a gun and let you run round shooting each other, Condemned: Bloodshot is trying something a bit different. "It's very hard to do this stuff but the easy way out would be to give everybody guns and let them run around shooting each other.

"You saw how I threw a bottle of alcohol at an enemy and then set him on fire. Think about how that can work in co-op. We're playing co-op against you and your friend online, right?"

Sounds like a night out in any city centre up and down the country, if you ask us. No one fights alone thesedays. You'll hear more about Condemned 2 multiplayer soon. Check out our full interview with Hantzopoulos here.