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Rare opens up on Viva Pinata on DS

It's "a full-size Viva Pinata game in your pocket", says the developer as it spills first proper details and screenshot

Rare has now revealed details on its Viva Pinata game on DS after announcing the title was in development at last week's Comic-Con in the US.

It describes the title as "a full-size Viva Pinata game in your pocket" which features "not only the entire range of paper beasts from the Xbox 360 title but also a few new ones thrown in to spice things up for those familiar with the established cast." Sounds sweet. Ahem.

Rare continues, "You'll also be given free rein with an expanded selection of tools and tool actions, upgraded forms of the Journal and Encyclopaedia, and brand new game modes such as Sandbox (for full and easy access to your favourite Piņatas) and Episodes (tying in more closely to the TV series and allowing fans of the show to spend quality time with familiar faces)."


On of the greatest changes, it says, is the control method, the DS's stylus input "transforming the way in which you interact with your menagerie".

"Design, nurture, instruct, protect and care for your garden and animals through direct touch. The DS WiFi service also lets you send prime Piņata specimens to your friends, making the act of parading your Doenut around in a humiliating pirate outfit easier than ever."

While we wait for further details, join us in looking at the first screenshot from Viva Pinata on DS - which you can find top-right of this here page.