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An Audience with Mark Rein (P1)

Interview: Epic VP on Gears, UT III, Halo 3 and much more...

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Rein: I don't know, we don't plan it that far, right? Right now, the team's busy with the Windows version, so when they've finished that then maybe we'll go back and see if there's more stuff we can do on the 360.

Obviously the success of Gears of War has meant expectations for a sequel are huge...

Rein: If the game's successful, maybe we'll do a sequel.

Well, it's been pretty successful already...

Rein: Not enough yet. It could still do more (laughs).

No sequel plans yet then?

Rein: Nothing we're ready to talk about.

Recent headlines have a cast a shadow over Epic's relationship with licensors of Unreal Engine 3 - can you comment on that?

Rein: No comment. You knew I was going to say that.

Moving swiftly on then... How excited are you about bringing the mod scene to UT III on PS3?

Rein: We're tickled about that, we're really excited. People ask, 'Why PS3?'. That's why we're on PS3, because it's an open network and we love mods - that's what keeps Unreal Tournament alive. We can't wait to see what users to do there. It's going to be fantastic.

What about cross-platform support between PC and PS3 for UT III? Anything decided yet?

Rein: We just don't know. It's a feature that technically works today, but whether we enable it or disable it... is still a question - because on one hand on the PC we can put out an update every three minutes. If we want to test something or make a change to the game it's very easy to just go put out a change, whereas on PS3 and all console platforms you go through a certification process.

So can we maintain compatibility and have updates on the PC in a reasonable time frame? We just don't know yet. And then the next question is, do the users really want it? We don't know. When we read people talking in our forums, it's not a feature they're begging us to have.

I'd love to have it - it's a great marketing feature - but is it at too high a cost for the future?

Do you think console gaming purists realise what it means to have the mod scene come to PS3 in Unreal Tournament III?

Rein: I don't think they realise it yet, but when they get hold of it it's going to take off. It's just like all this free content for your game.

Look out for part two soon

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