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Nintendo reveals new Smash Bros character!

Fire Emblem's Ike is the latest contender in Nintendo's Wii Smash Bros - do you know who he is?

After weeks of barrels, Pokémon arenas and old special moves, the official Smash Bros. website has finally come up with the goods - Ike (of Fire Emblem fame - not South Park) is the newest challenger confirmed for Wii's Smash Bros. Brawl.

"The fact that he can wield a two-handed sword with a single hand is a testament to his magnificent strength," reads director Sakurai's excited scribe.

"He brings his special move 'Aether' with him as he crashes the Brawl party. Try for a single-stroke finishing blow with his mighty blade!" Bosh! So it's not Sonic the Hedgehog but Ike should at least keep the RPG fans happy.

Smash Bros. Brawl recently slipped to 2008 in Europe, while jammy gits in the rest of the world (read: people who've given up and imported) will be bruising this December.

Can we have a character that more than ten people have heard of next time, eh Nintendo?