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Crytek admits Far Cry ending was "horrible"

"The end was too difficult and... There was no design", Crytek's CEO says of the Far Cry climax

Crytek has admitted that the stupidly hard ending of its debut first-person shooter Far Cry was horrible, revealing that close to zero thought went into its design.

"Horrible. Horrible difficulty, horrible design", the developer's CEO Cevat Yerli told PC Gamer magazine (UK) when asked whether the climax of the FPS let the company down.

"We had people stop at two points: one group stopped playing Far Cry when the mutants appeared, and the second at the end level. The end was too difficult and the design was pretty much 'throw as much as possible in here'", Yerli added.

"There was no design".

He explained that a major problem was that Crytek was running out of development time and that the studio wanted to get Far Cry out before Half-Life 2 and Doom 3 arrived - which it eventually managed to do.

Let's just hope that in the future we don't see Crytek looking back and saying "horrible" about the ending of Crysis.