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Army of Two

Interview: Not co-op for dummies

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Back at E3 last year we were really impressed by the voice recognition when playing with an AI partner. Is that stuff still in?

Ferriera: Yeah. You have your basic voice commands so you can tell him to use agro, don't use agro and then on top of that three manouvers; stay in one position, advance or guard you.

You can also yell different things and he'll usually track those. So if you give him friendly fire and he gives you shit, you can give him shit back. In co-op sniping he may take the lead and say 'you screwed it up last time, now it's on my count' and you can argue back and fourth.

We track your progression to see if you're playing in a way that we deem to be leading the action, and if you're not he'll take the lead at that point. Also if you mistreat him and keep friendly firing he'll be less responsive to you.

There's seems to be a lot of influence from our favourite gun-ho marine flicks like Aliens and Predator?

Ferriera: One of the biggest influences was the buddy cop stuff like Lethal Weapon or Bad Boys, where you have these two main characters that are going back and fourth and one another, but there's underlying storyline that you're tracking from one point to the next. If you throw that in people's faces, people don't want to take that and eat it right there.

As far as action goes we've looked at everything. In heat the guys have the white masks which look really cool, so we decided we needed some sort of key identifying and came up with the ballistic masks for our guys.

There are other things too, like in Predator he's got the mini-gun and cutting everyone down. We decided 'ok, we definitely need a mini-gun'.

It's sort of an endgame weapon; it'll break a lot of the experience if you use it but if the player wants it and wants to have fun, go for it.

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