Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

Interview: Sega talks us through the historic contender

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In the next stage your speed gets locked and the camera angle switches to a side view. For your hop, skip, jump you use the Wii remote to time with the animation of your character. For the first jump you use the Wii Remote, then the nunchuck for the second, and the back to the Wii Remote for your final jump into the pit.

The idea is the harder I flick upwards, the higher the angle I'll get. 45 degrees is just about perfect, and you'll see it illustrated with some stars when you nail it.

There's a couple of ways to fail in the triple jump; if you don't time it right you'll just end up stopping, or you can just step over the line.

Are any of the events more difficult than the others?

Gie: The hammer throw is actually the hardest event in the E3 demo - it took me a while to master! The reason it's the trickiest is because there's so many different ways to fail.


As in the real sport, if you rotate too many times and step over the circle it'll be a fail throw. You can hit the side of the cage, then even if you're lucky enough to get it out of the cage you could send it outside of the playing field.

Basically you pick up the hammer with the A button and then use the Wii Remote in a lasso style. The faster you rotate, the faster your character will. In this build there's a countdown to let you know how close you're getting before you have to release it.

Very similarly to how the athletes do it, once you release the hammer if you press A your character will let out a big loud grunt, and that'll give you those extra few meters.

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